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At Divide Public School we strive to provide a hands-on learning experience for all students. Students are exposed to a wide variety of subjects but focus around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Students perform experiments such as growing hydroponic gardens, performing snow studies, and raising rainbow trout. Once a week students receive an hour of hands-on and in-depth technology class. These classes include lessons in typing, Microsoft Office, coding, website design, and research. Currently, students are writing about their latest field trip focused around the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Current Projects

Lewis and Clark Interruptive Center


At the Interruptive Center the thing I liked best was all the history that I learned. I learned all kinds of stuff. I saw how big a Blue Whale vertebrae is. I also learned that the Indians used the heart skin of a bison to make small buckets. I also saw what an Indian travois looks like. Another thing that I learned is that the Indians used shells as snow goggles. My favorite part was the stuffed animals I saw. The one I liked the most was the little stuffed Bobcat.

Montana State Dinosaur


The Maiasaura is the Montana State Dinosaur. It weighs about four and a half tons. The Maiasaura is known as the good mother dinosaur, as it would aggressively protect its young. The nest was about 10 feet across. It walked on four legs, but when under attack it stood on its back two legs. The babies were able to walk right after they were born. They were able to walk underwater because it was able to hold its breathe for a long period of time. It was as tall as a school bus is. The Maiasaura had a duck-like bill with teeth in the back of its mouth.

Children's Museum


It was very fun, it was more like a play place. I loved it because it was awesome. I played as a doctor and I played as a dentist. Both of them were very fun. Then I played at the bank, it was kind of empty but it was still very fun. When I was there I played with my friend Chloe. We played in the dress up room. The dresses were a little to small on me but it was still fun.

C.M. Russel Museum


We went to the museum and saw a bunch of pictures of Indians, cowboys, and buffalo. I drew a buffalo. After that we got to see C.M. Russel’s studio. We also got to make post cards with the really cool stamps. It wasn’t really fun, but the museum itself was great! We couldn’t take any pictures. There were statues of animals outside and they was a bear, wolf, big-horn sheep, and a moose. Before we left we saw his house. The color of it was light blue and a construction crew was working on it. I wish I was C.M. Russel.

Montana Historical Museum


My favorite thing was the Montana Historical Museum. It had so many cool things. I’ve been there twice, once in third grade and once in fourth grade. It’s not as cool when you’re there twice. I like the wolf den in the museum, it was awesome. I also like the tipis and their chairs are pretty cool too. I love the designs on everything like the tipis and their chairs. The Indians are pretty cool, I wish I was one. That museum is one of the best museums I’ve ever been in. Not better than the Children’s Museum though, that museum was lots of fun. I liked all of the Indian things in the Historical museum. That museum was absolutely awesome.

Malmstrom Air Force Base


On the fourth day off the four-day filed trip. We ate breakfast then headed to Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls. We got checked in and then went inside. We had a tour of the base and watched a video. Then we walked around we saw model airplanes, jet and airplanes chairs, fighter outfits, the control station, and missiles. Then we went outside and saw an ambulance, a big car with star on it, a jeep and lots and lots of planes. Then we went home.