Passionate People
Brilliant Students

One-on-One teaching in rural Divide, Montana
Nestled between Mt. Fleecer and the Big Hole River

(and with a huge playground)

What we're doing


Divide school is a small two room schoolhouse in Divide, MT, the Gateway to the Bighole. Currently there are 8 students enrolled and the classrooms are managed by Mrs. Judy Boyle. The school yard is growing and growing!


Students are involved in hands-on learning focused on science. Students are growing their own hydroponic garden, maintaining a population of growing trout, and learning how the human skeleton works. These projects teach students that their hardwork pays off and they get to watch their projects grow right in front of their eyes.

One on One Learning

Our devoted teachers take the time to give each student one-on-one attention, allowing students to grow and succeed at their own pace. This approach not only allows better teaching and learning, but also disipline as our head teacher is also our principle.